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Encyclopedia of Bioethics

Edition 3

Book cover

Edited by Stephen G. Post

"The third edition of this landmark reference work extends its role in defining, shaping, and documenting the field of bioethics. Like its predecessors, it will widen the boundaries of intellectual and professional concern and investigation and will stimulate academic discourse and steer professional practice and public policy, especially regarding issues of emerging biotechnologies and changes in health care delivery. Summing up: Essential."

Designated "Outstanding Academic Title"

—Choice, American Library Association

"This new edition of a classic work, which addresses timely issues such as same-sex marriages and direct advertising of prescription drugs, belongs in all academic libraries and all but the smallest public libraries. It is an outstanding resource for students, professionals, and the interested public."

—Booklist (Starred Review)

"The most important work in bioethics ever produced."

—Japan Times

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